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Dalla Corte DC One

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DC one is the first on-demand grinder we have designed in its entirety. If it took a while, it’s because we wanted to be sure of the results. Well – it was worth it!


DC one recognises the single or double dose automatically. All you have to do is place the portafilter onto its holder. Meanwhile, you can talk to your customers.


The quality of espresso coffee must be preserved during the grinding process. Special fans keep the temperature down, thus preventing coffee from overheating. Yes, we do take care of everything.

Dalla Corte

Commercial, high quality espresso machines and grinders manufacture for baristas or restaurant.

Founded in 2001, Dalla Corte has been a revolutionising and evolving brand in the coffee machine world thanks to its technologies and its strong Corporate Social Responsibility.

They were the very first to introduce the multi-boiler technology in a coffee machine.


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