Dalla Corte Studio

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Be your own barista

Ease of use, thermal stability and performance consistency make the Studio an ideal espresso machine for professional experimentation. Her digital display controls all parameters; on/off timer; automatic cleaning program: these are only some of the new functions that can help you become a great home barista.

Latte art

Studio has been equipped with the same steam wand we put in as standard on all Dalla Corte professional machines: a powerful tool able to graduate optimal frothing, for a prize-winning cappuccino.

Dalla Corte

Commercial, high quality espresso machines and grinders manufacture for baristas or restaurant.

Founded in 2001, Dalla Corte has been a revolutionising and evolving brand in the coffee machine world thanks to its technologies and its strong Corporate Social Responsibility.

They were the very first to introduce the multi-boiler technology in a coffee machine.


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